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God is moving in Ukraine

Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine

Premier Christian News reports that God is moving in Ukraine since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded on Feb. 24, 2022.

Anatoliy Raychynets, who serves as president of the Ukraine Bible Society, told Premier that there has been a significant increase in people accepting Christ and wanting copies of the Bible in the city of Kyiv, where the organization’s head office is located.

He said that their ministry is providing food, particularly to the elderly and sick, who are having difficulty providing for themselves during this crisis.

But Anatoliy noted that as they are distributing food, people are asking for Bibles as well:

“‘There were about 80 or 90 people there and they just came to the car and asked for the Bibles.  One man stood there with bread in one hand and the Bible in another hand. He said ‘I think that the Bible is more important than the daily bread. For me personally now, I have never prayed before. I have never been to church.’ He was about 70 years old and had never read the Bible. But he said he knew now was the time to come to God and be closer to God.

“We meet so many people like that. Over the last two weeks here in Kyiv we are seeing people who had never had a Bible before, never prayed before, but who are now asking for us to pray for them on the streets, at homes, everywhere.

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Russian invaders trying to encircle Kyiv

According to several reports, the Russian army, which has been floundering since its invasion started two weeks ago, is now apparently trying to encircle the city of Kyiv.

The NY Post explains:

Russia’s 40-mile convoy of military vehicles appeared to be preparing Friday for a long-feared assault on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, as airstrikes continued to batter civilians in numerous other cities — including patients in yet another hospital.

New satellite images revealed that the long-stalled column of vehicles, tanks and artillery had started to regroup and fan out into towns and forests in an attempt to further encircle Ukraine’s seat of power, where the president, Volodymyr Zelensky, defiantly remains.

Ominously, some of the images from Maxar Technologies showed artillery pieces already raised and ready for firing.

READ: Russian convoy encircling Kyiv as psychiatric hospital hit in fresh airstrikes

But Russia’s invasion hasn’t been going as well as expected. READ: ‘Inept’ Russian tactics baffle military experts: Tank commanders allowed Ukrainians to ambush them by driving straight up a main road as analysts say they’ve lost enough armoured vehicles to equip the ENTIRE German army

Opposition to Putin’s invasion growing in Russia

It’s incredibly dangerous for anyone in Russia to speak ill of Vladimir Putin’s invasion, but courageous people are starting to do it.

The Daily Mail provides details of one such incident:

Russians were given a glimpse of the truth about the war on Ukraine last night as guests on one of the country’s most-popular state TV broadcasts risked the wrath of Vladimir Putin to denounce the invasion as ‘worse’ than the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan which helped bring down the Soviet Union.

Semyond Bagdasarov, an academic, used an appearance on Russia 1’s prime time talk show ‘An Evening with Vladimir Soloviev’ – a man referred to as Putin’s propagandist-in-chief – to call on the Russian president to end the attack, while warning allies like China and India could soon turn their backs on Moscow.

READ: Russia learns the TRUTH: State TV DEFIES President Putin’s propaganda edict and broadcasts criticism of the war in Ukraine – with guests describing the shambolic invasion as ‘like Afghanistan, but even WORSE’

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