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Is the tide turning in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

Kyiv, Ukraine
Credit: Maksym Kozlenko/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

Similar to what happened during the COVID pandemic, truth is the first casualty in any war. However, some are suggesting that the tide might be turning in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as it claims to have retaken a city lost to the Russian forces.

At the very least, experts state that Russia’s advancement has ‘ground to a halt.’

The Daily Mail explains:

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine appears to have ground to a halt with no significant territory captured despite a weekend of heavy fighting, with Kyiv’s men claiming to have taken out dozens of helicopters and recaptured a city this morning – sparking hopes that the unlikeliest of victories may be on the cards. […]

US intelligence believes Russia has committed 95 per cent of the invasion force it had assembled on Ukraine’s border to the fight, meaning significant reinforcements to push its attacks forward are unlikely to come soon – and could simply run into many of the same logistical problems that plagued the early assault.  

That has prompted some – including UK general Admiral Sir Tony Radakin – to predict that Russia could actually lose the war. Asked by the BBC on Sunday whether victory for Putin’s men was ‘inevitable’, as many had predicted before the fighting started, he responded: ‘No.’ 

And coincidentally, for the FIRST TIME since the invasion began, Russia has raised the prospect of halting the attack under three conditions:

  1. Ukraine does not join NATO;
  2. Ukraine cedes the region of Donbass; and
  3. Ukraine acknowledges it has no claim to Crimes.

Some have suggested that Russia would not be offering this deal if it was winning the war.

Though Ukraine has stopped Russia’s advance, it does not mean that Ukraine has the military might to drive Russia’s army out of the parts of the country it has seized.

READ: Putin’s invasion grinds to a halt: Kyiv claims to have destroyed dozens of Russian helicopters overnight, retaken a city, and killed 11,000 troops while Russians have captured no significant territory sparking hopes Ukraine could win the war

Russian soldier abandoning equipment

If the war was going well for Putin, you wouldn’t be seeing abandoned Russian tanks, armoured personnel carriers, self-propelled howitzers, and mobile anti-aircraft missile batteries scattered along roads.

Not only is the equipment running out of gas and breaking down, but reports are also circulating that Russian soldiers are purposefully punching holes in their gas tanks:

Russians are outraged by Putin’s invasion:

The video, below, allegedly shows mothers of Russian soldiers angrily confronting the governor of Siberia’s Kemerovo region. They are “asking if their sons were ‘lied to’ and being used as ‘cannon fodder.'”

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In other words, keep praying.


  1. I think it’s called ‘owning the media’ in the States. Do you not think that Russia could easily crush Ukraine if it wanted to or if it wasn’t worried of blowback? It seems illogical to conclude that Ukraine is defeating Russia on its own merits. I read it as Russia wanting to move the border west of it is now and do it in a fashion that limits civilian casualties and with the least amount of destruction since it doesn’t want to pay to rebuild it. Russia probably was not lethal enough which allowed Ukraine some wins, but Ukraine is severely outmanned and outnumbered. Equipment probably has failed or broken down, no doubt.

    The points you raise for negotiations are the same ones Russia has noted for decades, they are not new. These are the same points Putin made prior to invasion, no?

    Just like the US, there are those that support the Leader and those that don’t. To highlight opposition should be given airtime but not some sort of gold star… aka – BLM.

    To paint Ukraine in some perfect light is incorrect. Zelensky has performed the same atrocities as Putin. He has cutoff water to people of his own country and imprisoned his political opposition. He has done so for the same reasons as Putin and Trudeau and the like… for money and power. Eastern Ukraine is full of natural resources which Zelensky and NATO want. (Don’t forget Ukraine is near the very bottom in wealth. There is probably lots of money to be lent by Western banks to the poor Ukraine and just a few for the chosen ones on the inside in Ukraine.) The Nord Stream pipeline that circumvented Ukraine and took billions from them in pipeline fees. Remember that Zelensky is a former ‘movie star’. If anything, he probably understands theater very well… to talk well on camera, to put together a good script, etc. but does he have any real smarts on the diplomatic (aka – starting a fight with Russia over part of your country that contain people you don’t like and like Russia more anyway)?

    This isn’t an apology for Russia. This is to ask how anyone can be trusted down here on earth, the place full of sin and where the love of money is abound.


  2. Ken zemlak says

    Hey Dean, its the provinces of Luhans’k and Donets’k, crimea….. the Donbas is a region like Atlantic Canada that consists of different provinces


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