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Southern Baptist missionaries reporting a remarkable surge in conversions

Bangkok, Thailand
Credit: Chainwit./Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

As churches struggle to reopen across North America, missionaries working with the Southern Baptist church reported that they experienced a surge in conversions and water baptisms during the COVID pandemic.

Christianity Today reports:

During the COVID-19 pandemic’s first year, the number of new believers harvested by the 3,552 missionaries serving with the convention’s International Mission Board (IMB) increased 62 percent from the previous year. Baptisms were up 81 percent from 2019 to 2020 (the most recent year for which data is available), and salvation testimonies continue to pour in.

And it appears this has continued into 2021 and now 2022.

There is also clear evidence that the Holy Spirit is working in unusual ways, leading people to embrace Jesus.

A missionary doctor from Bangkok, Thailand shared the remarkable conversion story of a 53-year-old man, who came into the medical clinic, operated by the International Missionary Board, complaining of chest pains.

After the man collapsed in the clinic, the doctor performed emergency procedures, saving the man’s life. While waiting for an ambulance, the missionary doctor led the man to the Lord and then asked why he was interested in spiritual things.

The man pointed to the floor where he had fallen and said up to that moment he had no interest in God.

“But when I collapsed,” he continued, “I heard God call my name three times, and I knew he was warning me.”

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