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‘My hand is burning! Ouch! What is happening?’ Two teen prostitutes encounter the Holy Spirit

Recife, Brazil
Credit: Portal da Copa:ME/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

When the Holy Spirit fell on the Day of Pentecost, Luke wrote that ‘tongues of fire appeared and settled on the disciples’ heads, as they prayed in the upper room (Acts 2:3).

And recently this same Holy Spirit fire made an appearance in Brazil, when missionaries working with Shores of Grace prayed for two teen girls, about 15 years of age, working as prostitutes in Recife, Brazil:

“As we began to pray for them, men were pulling up in cars trying to get their attention but the girls didn’t even look their way. They were captivated by the love of God.”

“Suddenly, the younger girl began to cry out, “My hand is burning! Ouch! What is happening? I have a fever! Oh, I am burning up!” We explained that this was the power of God falling on her and she looked completely shocked and awe struck at what was happening. She began to laugh uncontrollably and we joined in, ignoring the glaring man sitting in the car nearby with his window down. Filled with joy, she stumbled back and I had to put my hand out to stop her from falling into a drain.”

Definitely worth a READ: Street girls radically encountered by the Holy Spirit

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