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Climate change fanatics call for destruction of the world economy

With the Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland coming to an end on Nov 12, 2021, we will only have to listen to the man-made global warming hysteria for another couple of days.

The most recent being a dire warning that the climate will warm by 2.4 degrees Celsius, even if countries hold to their pledges to cut CO2 emissions.

In other words, the global warming fanatics are calling for the economies of the world to be devastated in order to supposedly save the planet.

READ: World will heat up by 2.4C despite COP26 summit pledges – and it will be even worse if countries only stick to current plans, report warns

And, the hysteria doesn’t stop there. Another report stated that man-made global warming is somehow contributing to Australia’s Koalas dying from chlamydia. READ: Koalas are dying from chlamydia, climate change is making it worse

And for those who still believe that climate change is about saving the environment, apparently abolishing the police will also stop global warming: READ: Exclusive Video: COP26 Crazies! Climate Activists Call for ‘End of Capitalism,’ ‘Black Liberation,’ Abolition of Police

But others disagree

Last year a group of astro-biologists, who are scouring our solar system looking for a planet best suited to sustain life, first needed to determine what the ideal planet was.

In their study reported in the peer-reviewed journal, Astrobiology, the group concluded that the ideal planet would be 5 degrees Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than earth is today.

So if the global warming fanatics are right, in a few years we will be halfway to earth’s ideal temperature. READ: Study Finds Ideal Climate for Life Is Five Degrees Warmer than Present

We also shouldn’t forget the NASA study from 2016, that stated its satellite surveys revealed the earth was the greenest that it has been in 35 years because of increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

Yes, it is hard to believe that the Global Warming fanatics have demonized CO2, that is not only necessary for life, but is essentially a plant fertilizer.

If you want to end famine, we need more CO2. READ: Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds

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