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BLM declares speaking Welsh as racist

Bilingual street sign with both English and Welsh in Wrexham, Wales
Credit: Snow storm in Eastern Asia/Wikipedia/Public Domain

A Black Lives Matter study paid for by UK taxpayers, of course, concluded that the Welsh language is apparently racist.

According to Breitbart, the £51,000 (US$69,000) report was funded by the Arts Council of Wales and the National Museums of Wales.

It’s estimated that about 880,000 people in Wales (29% of the population) can still speak the language that according to the historians dates back to the ninth century. Wales has also declared both Welsh and English as its official language, and governments and businesses often post signs with both English and Welsh.

However, BLM now says that it is ‘racist’ to do so because migrants are unable to read it. It complains that some government jobs even require Welsh, which discriminates against people of colour.

Of course, there are about 66 million people of the UK (including 70% of the Welsh), who can’t speak the language, and many of them are white.

READ: Anti-Racist Union: Use of Welsh Language Upholds ‘White Supremacy’


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