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Study: Drug used since 1975 shows promising results in severe COVID cases

Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering in Jerusalem has shown that TriCor (fenofibrate), a drug in use since 1975, shows promising results in treating people with severe cases of COVID, as it transformed their condition to a common cold within days.

Australia: Church fined $5,000 for not displaying QR code on door

The Australian government of New South Wales (NSW) requires most businesses to display a bar code on the outside of the premises, provided by the government. This even includes churches, and all staff and congregation members must scan the barcode before entering the church, so the government can keep track of who has entered the building.

Is Covid the Real Enemy?

We have lost many things of late, and the art of disagreement is one of them. Love is another victim. These and other things we lost are the very things that made us special. Things like getting along, enjoying life together, diversity of opinions, and basic civility. But these are not victims of some lab leaked, human-manufactured virus. These things are lost because of an aggressively multi-billion-dollar propaganda campaign that shut down the voice of Christian conservatism and created fear, anger, and distrust between citizens and neighbors. This program censors and erases any dissenting voices. Freedom of speech has become mocked and if you question the created narrative of we’re right, you are treated as if you an enemy of the state. Sound familiar? Once you’re an enemy of the state, you are an enemy of its citizens and a danger to your neighbors. All because you question the narrative that masks and vaccines work. Even when it is clear, they don’t work that well. If they did work, then why do vaccinated people still …

Chinese Communist Party offers a reward to snitch on Christians

According to a report by the China Christian Daily, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Heilongjiang Province, located in North Eastern China, is offering a reward of US$150 for anyone reporting illegal religious activity. As part of this, the government has set up a snitch line where people can report such activity through email or by phone. The Christian Post reports that under the program entitled, “The Reward System For Reporting Illegal Religious Activities Offences,” the government is asking citizens to report anyone who is preaching, distributing religious tracts and other religious literature (both printed and digital), holding house meetings outside the government-approved Three Self Patriot Movement (TSPM). The TSPM is a religious organization set up by the communist regime that allows it to monitor sermons, control messaging and even appoint communist-approved pastors to the churches. All Christian churches are required to join. The CCP justifies the reward stating it is trying to stop the spread of COVID, which ironically was the same excuse it used to crush the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Though …

Can COVID save us from COVID? What happened to God?

I have noticed, recently, that no one wants to talk about COVID. Possibly some medical experts are still talking, but people I know talk about anything else, and they shut down COVID conversations. I just went to a family reunion, outside and with safe distancing, and the topic was dismissed whenever it came up. We are in a state of fatigue. Since I am writing about COVID, I need to give a disclaimer. I am not any kind of medical authority, and I am not giving medical advice. Any writing that can be labelled a conspiracy theory will be banned and punished, and I’m not looking for that. My plan is to refer to some reliable and respectable sources. You might be surprised at what the experts are saying these days. Medical scientists have two big concerns with COVID vaccines right now; dangerous variants and waning efficacy. Where I live, the Delta variant is the new COVID. People are getting infected and there are questions about how effective the vaccines are with the Delta variant. …