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Canada: Over $700,000 raised to rebuild church after arson attack

Suspicious fire at Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington on July 23, 2021. It is another example of a church being targeted by left wing extremists that had nothing to do with the unmarked graves discovered at Indian Residential Schools in Canada. Credit: Andy Ngo Twitter

According to a report by Christian Headlines, a Coptic Church in Surrey, BC, that was burned to the ground after an arson attack in July, has raised over $700,000 to rebuild the church.

The church was home to orthodox believers from Ethiopia, Iraq, Lebanon and Eritrea.

Over the past few months, nearly 60 Canadian churches were vandalized, with several completely destroyed by fire, as news surfaced of the discovery of unmarked graves at several Indian Residential Schools across Canada.

After fire completely destroyed its building on July 19, 2021, St. George’s Coptic Orthodox Church started an online fundraising campaign to rebuild its facility.

In a matter of a few weeks, it has raised nearly $700,000, but needs millions more if it is to have a building similar to what it had before the arson attack.

Because of the age of the church, the insurance did not fully cover a complete rebuild of the facility.

St George’s was one of several churches that were targeted by arsonists that had nothing to do with Canada’s Indian Residential School program.

Many suspect that left wing anarchists are taking advantage of the news to justify their attacks on Christian churches, and did not care if they were actually involved in the Indian Residential Schools, that was essentially run by the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.

The Indian Residential School program was initiated and financed by the Canadian federal government in the late 1800s. The government approached several church denominations to operate the schools.

The schools were hard hit by TB and the Spanish flu, resulting in hundreds of deaths. The unmarked graves were a result of the Federal government’s decision to not ship the bodies of students back to their parents after they died because of costs. Citing the same reason, the government also refused to provide permanent stone markers for the graves and to maintain the graveyards after it closed down a school.

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