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Australia: Church fined $5,000 for not displaying QR code on door

The Australian government of New South Wales (NSW) requires most businesses to display a bar code on the outside of the premises, provided by the government.

This even includes churches, and all staff and congregation members must scan the barcode before entering the church, so the government can keep track of who has entered the building.

According to Premier Christian News, Christ Embassy Sydney, a church in NSW was recently fined AU$5,000 by police for not having a bar code displayed on the outside of its building and as well holding a service in violation of NSW lockdown regulations.

The police also fined several members of the congregation in attendance AU$1,000 each, bringing the total fine for the church and its congregation to AU$35,000.

READ: Covid: Church slapped with £18k fine for failing to display QR code on door AND Setting up electronic check-in and QR codes

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Australia has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world, and governments have chosen to end the COVID pandemic using extreme lockdown measures that includes curfews and stay at home orders that bans people from leaving their homes aside for essential reasons.

Anyone leaving their home must sign up on a government website and download papers explaining their reason for being outside their home. They must have these papers with them if they are stopped by police outside their home.

Police have also used helicopters with search lights to scan neighbourhoods at night to see if people are outside in violation of curfews.

Not surprisingly, people are tiring of the government’s totalitarian overreach, and thousands are taking to the streets in a nationwide protest against the lockdowns resulting in hundreds of arrests. READ: Hundreds Arrested, Fined In Australia Amid Nationwide Protests Against Lockdowns

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