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Can COVID save us from COVID? What happened to God?

I have noticed, recently, that no one wants to talk about COVID. Possibly some medical experts are still talking, but people I know talk about anything else, and they shut down COVID conversations. I just went to a family reunion, outside and with safe distancing, and the topic was dismissed whenever it came up. We are in a state of fatigue.

Since I am writing about COVID, I need to give a disclaimer. I am not any kind of medical authority, and I am not giving medical advice. Any writing that can be labelled a conspiracy theory will be banned and punished, and I’m not looking for that. My plan is to refer to some reliable and respectable sources.

You might be surprised at what the experts are saying these days.

Medical scientists have two big concerns with COVID vaccines right now; dangerous variants and waning efficacy. Where I live, the Delta variant is the new COVID. People are getting infected and there are questions about how effective the vaccines are with the Delta variant. I have seen numbers in the news, as low as forty-two percent. That does not inspire confidence. Some experts describe this as a “wake up call.”

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The other concern is “waning effectiveness.” Scientists are concerned that COVID vaccines will lose their power over several months, effectiveness will wane. This could put us all at risk, and we all know that there is a lot of talk about a ‘third’ or ‘booster’ shot, another application of a vaccine. This is another wake up call.

We have new expressions like “breakthrough infection” when people who are vaccinated still get sick, apparently with the Delta variant. That is happening to thousands of people. Another expression is “topping up” our immunity, when vaccines wane, or when a variant of COVID resists vaccines. Immunity is a hot topic these days.

I was surprised to find an article, from a reputable source, that talked about out immunity problems openly:

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All of this “heresy” talk is now open for discussion. We are allowed to read, and talk, and think about some forbidden things. About one year ago there were hysterical news articles about mass graves in Iran, for the victims of COVID, and the graves were so huge that they could be seen by satellites in space. That’s not surprising because a spy satellite can almost count the hairs on our heads. Possibly they really can, but the point of the news stories was; we are all going to die!

COVID was so terrible and unstoppable, that we needed extreme action to save some of us. You probably remember those times. Now, when I read the COVID news, I look for death rates, and they are low. For millions of people where I live, we had one victim last week, and I think two this week. The Delta variant is not filling mass graves where I live.

When things seemed hopeless, and people were dying in larger numbers, I heard some words of wisdom. One man, who followed the news, told us that COVID information changes every three months. He told us, don’t worry, just wait three months and the information will change.

He was correct.

One “heresy” that experts are now talking about openly, is how the disease might save us from the disease. Another way to put that is, maybe God is saving us from ourselves. The idea is, that a milder strain of COVID, in a population with some immunity, will only make us mildly sick. After we recover, we could have very strong immunity, and COVID could just go away, or mostly fade. COVID could defeat COVID.

Who saw that coming?

We have clear instructions in the Bible:

“If you are sick, ask the church leaders to come and pray for you. Ask them to put olive oil on you in the name of the Lord. If you have faith when you pray for sick people, they will get well. The Lord will heal them, and if they have sinned, he will forgive them.” (James 5: 14 and 15)

We understand. The next step is to act.

It might surprise us that there is a lot of spiritual belief among doctors. I believe they are often the instrument that God uses to heal us, but the point is, we are healed when we pray and believe. The method is God’s choice.

Many years ago, I was with a group of men from a church who went to a hospital to pray for a friend who was badly injured. The poor man looked like he was dying. His whole body was in traction, from a spinal injury. We prayed, and then we all had to leave. The next day, I was wondering how my sick friend was doing, when I heard a vehicle driving up and parking outside, where I worked. Then I heard a door open and someone walked in.

It was our badly injured friend.

One day before, about the time we said ‘amen’ the doctors decided to send their patient for spinal surgery. The procedure was efficient, and he was told to stay on his feet and walk around, after the surgery. So he drove around and took care of business. I can’t exaggerate our shock. We thought he would die or spend his life in a wheel chair, and the next day he was walking and talking, and driving in traffic. He seemed a bit stiff for a few days, and then he recovered completely.

God does these things.

I think it’s time to pray and believe.

God told us:

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. (Jeremiah 33: 3)

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