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Rejection or redirection?

Rejection is hard, and repeated rejection can be devastating unless we view it with a healthy perspective. I truly believe that through rejection God wants to show us that there is a better way to fulfill our desires and His plans for our life.

Over the years, I have looked to people and church leaders that I believed could help me put in motion my plans to encourage women through various avenues.

I gave a lot of time and energy communicating my thoughts to them. There were countless emails and one-on-one meetings in an attempt to connect and create what was on my heart.

I tried so hard to make it happen and left no page unturned.

However, instead of encouragement, I encountered rejection. Some felt threatened I was competing with them. Others wanted it done their way. Some just ignored me because, they already had a program in the church.

But I was simply trying to do, what I believe God had put on my heart, and the repeated rejection was difficult to understand. 

That is because, so often, we look to  people who we feel hold more significance than us for approval and the go ahead to move forward. We are essentially putting our hopes in their approval, rather than in God’s. 

Lucretia Berry from (In)Courage Ministries talks about rejection in a new light that helped me deal with my past rejection writing:

“Rejection is an open door meant just for you. God wants you to thrive, not die on the vine. Each closed door ushers you towards doors designed  to welcome you.”

Rejection is our opportunity to trust God for our future and the things we desire. If we allow rejection to make us angry and bitter, it blocks our creativity and blinds us to the opportunities that fall on our path.

The prophet Jeremiah held onto hope in the midst of the devastation after Israel had been taken into captivity by Babylon. 

He knew God’s heart was to restore, heal and bless Israel once again. God spoke to Israel through the prophet, saying:

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

We can have hope in the midst of failure and rejection because God’s desire is for us to flourish in the plans He has orchestrated for us.

God will always make a way for you even through failure and rejection.  Let go of any anger or bitterness and grab hold of the seeds of hope that lay on the path before you.

The most difficult thing in dealing with rejection is not taking it personally. I know, from personal experience, this is the hardest emotion to handle. But, if we let rejection consume us, it blinds us and distracts from seeing the path God has set for us.  

Push through the rejection and into God’s purpose for your life.

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