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One of the most difficult challenges a person can experience is rejection and in a recent article in The Epoch Times, Dawn Milberger, 55, shared her story. Dawn had been adopted into a Christian family, and it wasn’t until she was 18 that she discovered the full story of what had happened, when she finally tracked down her birth mother. It was then she discovered that her mother, with the aid of a nursing friend, tried to abort Dawn several times in the first seven months of pregnancy, before eventually giving birth. Her mother’s friend provided abortion-inducing drugs that she stole from the office where she worked. After telling the story, her birth mom pleaded for Dawn to forgive her. This was the ultimate form of rejection and for the next several months, Dawn struggled as anger began building in her heart over the rejection. But with the help of her adoptive parents, Dawn worked through her emotions to forgive her mother. “He can’t build on us if we have unforgiveness on us. Unforgiveness cannot …

The Religion of Covid: Have you been demonized yet?

The word “demonize” used here means being shunned and described as ‘one of those people.’ It does not refer to any occult activity.  We can disagree with someone, and say something like “Oh, you are one of those people.” After that, we don’t have to listen to them, or respect their opinions and we can avoid a conversation with one of ‘those people’ by ‘demonizing’ them. Hitler did that to the Jews, and it is a common thing in racial prejudice. So, have you been demonized yet, in these COVID times? I don’t want to choose sides here, about how dangerous COVID is, or arguments about vaccination. Those topics are important, but I don’t want to be like a dog who chases all the rabbits at the same time. Religious people can see the religion and theology in COVID regulations. We have saints and sinners who follow the rules or not, and COVID heaven and hell, and we can find salvation if we do the right things. Also, the true believers are very devout, and …

Rejection or redirection?

Rejection is hard, and repeated rejection can be devastating unless we view it with a healthy perspective. I truly believe that through rejection God wants to show us that there is a better way to fulfill our desires and His plans for our life. Over the years, I have looked to people and church leaders that I believed could help me put in motion my plans to encourage women through various avenues. I gave a lot of time and energy communicating my thoughts to them. There were countless emails and one-on-one meetings in an attempt to connect and create what was on my heart. I tried so hard to make it happen and left no page unturned. However, instead of encouragement, I encountered rejection. Some felt threatened I was competing with them. Others wanted it done their way. Some just ignored me because, they already had a program in the church. But I was simply trying to do, what I believe God had put on my heart, and the repeated rejection was difficult to understand.  That is because, so …

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Healing our rejection

Español: Sanando el rechazo Using a MRI scan university researchers discovered that emotional pain associated with rejection is as real as physical pain. In 2011, the group led by University of Michigan associate professor Ethan Kross studied 40 people who had recently gone through a romantic break-up within the previous six months. All the participants chosen mentioned having felt intense feelings of rejection due to the ending of the relationship. The 40 people were then put through two tests one related to the emotional pain they felt over the rejection and the other actual physical pain. In the first test, the study subjects viewed an image of their ex and were asked to think about the break up.  In the second stage, thermal devices were attached to their arms that created heat the equivalent of hot coffee. As the 40 people went through these and other comparative tests, the researchers monitored their brain activity using MRIs. The researchers found that feelings of rejection sparked neural activity in the same area of the brain where people …

She said “You are just saying to people, please love me”

[by Barb Smith] A few years ago, I reached a point of desperation. Personal, unresolved issues were eroding my mental, physical and emotional well-being. With rejection issues stemming from 15 years ago still rumbling around inside, I needed guidance to focus and make choices to put me on the path to wholeness. I was told to to attend a Choices seminar. Built on Biblical principles, Choices helps you identify your hurts and provides you the tools to break free from the past and move forward.  I could go and receive the help and support I needed to work through my issues. 

Judas betrays Jesus by Caravaggio (1571-1610)

The agony of rejection

Español: La agonía del rechazo A study conducted in 2003 by researchers at the University of California and reported in the Journal Science revealed rejection has the same impact on the brain as physical pain. Scientists created a computer program that simulated a ball throwing game between a live participant and two computer simulations. The 13 test subjects (four men and nine women) were hooked up to an MRI and invited to play the game. They were told the other two players (operated by the computer) were actually controlled by live people. The computer simulation involved a simple game of catch between the three players. The MRI tracked brain responses during the game. Initially, the computer played along, but after the test subject had caught the ball seven times, the computer ignored the live subject and only threw the ball back and forth between the animations. However, the test subjects believed they were purposely being ignored by the live participants in the game. As the game progressed into the rejection part, the MRI scans noted …

A woman’s perspective: Where is the balance?

[by Barb Smith] For the past two years, I have been  on a journey seeking answers for my damaged emotions which, I believe, also affected my physical well-being. I realize now, my greatest struggles have come from my fear of rejection stemming from insecurities about myself, my appearance and my relationships. I couldn’t say “no” to anything or anyone because I was trying to please people. I spiritualized my actions thinking I was denying myself and making sacrifices. It felt biblical.