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Study: Drug used since 1975 shows promising results in severe COVID cases

The COVID virus
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Two clinical trials conducted by researchers at Hebrew University’s Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering in Jerusalem has shown that TriCor (fenofibrate), a drug in use since 1975, shows promising results in treating people with severe cases of COVID, as it transformed their condition to a common cold within days.

According to the researchers, most viruses essentially act like parasites and must be inside a human cell before they can replicate. COVID is no different.

When it comes to treatment, TriCor doesn’t attack the virus itself, but rather hinders the viruses’ ability to replicate in the cells by speeding fat production in the lungs.

Charisma News reported that the clinical studies showed promising results. During one trial, 15 people who had been hospitalized with severe cases of COVID, requiring oxygen, were given a 10-day treatment of TriCor.

Within two days all showed improvement and all but one were off ventilators in a matter of a few days. People who contract COVID-related pneumonia are often on ventilators for extensive periods of time.

Within a week, all 15 were sent home, where they finished off their 10-day TriCor treatment.

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