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Australia: TV station ‘accidentally’ broadcasts satanic service

Strange things are happening in Australia. And it appears that ABC News, an Australian media outlet, was caught up in it. One of its TV stations was doing a feature on police dogs, when it suddenly threw in a clip displaying what appears to have been a satanic ritual.

The brief clip showed three figures that included one hooded man who was performing some type of ritual in front of an altar, while chanting ‘hail satan.’

There was cloth displaying a satanic pentagram covering the altar and, as well, a large inverted cross on the wall.

After briefly showing the clip, ABC quickly cut back to a reporter on the street, who went on like nothing ever happened.

According to Premier Christian News, it is uncertain if the video of the ritual was a mistake or prank, and ABC refuses to provide an explanation. There are reports that the clip was actually the video of a service that a satanic group based in Queensland had posted to Facebook on Oct 30, 2020.

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