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The biggest story in Canada that nobody is talking about

There is an unusual thing taking place in the Canadian province of Quebec. The province has about a quarter of Canada’s population, but over half of Canada’s COVID deaths.

Interesting chart in the next tweet compares COVID death rates per million around the world:

What could be the reason for this? Should we blame it on the incompetence of the Quebec’s health bureaucracy?

There was story in The Globe and Mail about a recent inquest taking place in Quebec involving a long term care facility (LTC), that is arguably the biggest story in Canada that nobody is talking about.

The Globe and Mail explains:

As the pandemic struck a Quebec nursing home last year, officials made it harder to send ailing residents to hospital and repeatedly provided morphine rather than treat those with breathing problems, a coroner’s inquest heard Wednesday.

A nurse testified that the Sainte-Dorothée long-term care facility consistently administered morphine instead of attempting to prolong the life of elderly residents who were believed to have COVID-19.

“They didn’t all die but most did,” Sylvie Morin said. […]

A document filed at the inquest shows that the provincial Health Department sought to offload 80 per cent of hospital patients who didn’t need acute care, either by discharging them or sending them to LTC homes.

READ: Quebec nursing home often gave morphine rather than treat COVID-19 patients, inquest told

Yes, you read that right. Instead of providing the elderly with medical treatment that might help them battle the virus, it’s alleged, the elderly were given morphine instead.

In early April 2020, The Globe and Mail was reporting that nearly 80% of COVID deaths were occurring in long term care facilities. READ: Long-term care connected to 79 per cent of COVID-19 deaths in Canada

Then note that last paragraph, that sounds eerily familiar to another story we heard involving New York State. READ: New York Sent More Than 4,500 Coronavirus Patients Into Nursing Homes After Cuomo Order

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