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Corporate greed or government incompetence

PEMEX pipeline fire in the Gulf of Mexico.
PEMEX is owned by the Mexican government.
Credit: Twitter capture/MLopezSanMartion

The left-wing mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, the one who believes the best way to reduce crime is by cutting $1 billion from the police budget, never misses an opportunity to bash capitalism.

And when an oil leak in a pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico caught fire resulted in stunning images of a swirling surface fire, the Democrat mayor was quick to blame corporate greed for the problem.

And of course, left wing politicians around the world chimed in, until someone pointed out that the company responsible for the leak, PEMEX, is actually owned by the Mexican government.

It was nationalized years ago.

Here are a few of the Twitter responses supplied by The Blaze:

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Governments can barely run themselves, much less a business. But they do have a role in protecting citizens from big corporations if they abuse and take advantage of people. READ: Ron DeSantis Goes To War Over Big Tech: Here’s Why This Battle Matters

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