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Defund police: Oakland city council looks good in ‘irony’

Oakland, California Credit: Basil D Soufi/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

Towards the end of June, the city council of Oakland, California decided to ‘reallocate’ $18 million from the city’s police budget to other areas as part of its grandiose plan to make the city a safer place to live.

They were essentially defunding the police and, ironically, most of the money was delegated to the city’s Department of Violence Prevention.

This past Monday, June 28, 2021, a reporter with the San Francisco Chronicle was doing a TV interview with the head of the Department of Violence Prevention on the steps of Oakland’s city hall.

I think this bears repeating, they were on the steps of the city hall in broad daylight.

Two armed men showed up with the intent of robbing the reporter of his camera and equipment. Fortunately, there was an armed security guard nearby who drove them away.

But the robbery attempt shows the utter disrespect and lack of fear that criminals have for the people of Oakland and its city hall.

As many have mentioned, the defunding police movement has accomplished one thing, it has empowered and emboldened criminal elements across the country.

Of course, when people heard what happened to the director of the Department on Violence Prevention, the responses on Facebook were predictable.

The Blaze noted a few of them:

  • “Irony defined……”
  • “Ironic”
  • “Liberal stupidity at its finest.”
  • “This kind of liberal stupidity has failed miserably every place implemented. They should be adding 18 million to the police budget.”
  • “Would have been a great opportunity for Mr. Cespedes to jump in and demonstrate how to handle a situation like this rather than relying on an armed security guard.”

READ: ‘Irony defined’: Only days after Oakland slashed its police budget, armed robbers ran up on the city’s woke ‘violence prevention’ chief while he discussed rising crime with local news reporters

Of course, irony is a normal part of life in California. Apparently, Black Lives Matter (Los Angeles branch) is suing the city of Monica for being too hard on protestors on May 31, 2020, as rioters looted and vandalized stores in the city. READ: Black Lives Matter Sues Santa Monica, a Year After Riots Devastate City

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