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Spanish TikTok influencer with 26 million followers comes out pro-life

Top Spanish TikTok influencer, Naim Darrechi, 19, has over 26 million followers, and he recently shocked the social media world when he produced a video stating he opposed abortions.

According to the Daily Wire, Naim described abortion as “killing someone” and added that it “should not be legal or free, period.”

In his video released in May, Naim also stated:

“But here one of the biggest arguments of the people who are in favor of abortion, which is: ‘no, but the fetus does not suffer, that is something that has nothing there, is that it does not suffer. Here the question is not whether he suffers or not. The question here is that a life is being taken.”

Naim, who is both a singer and writer, even defended his views when supporters commented, releasing follow-up videos on his pro-life stance.

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As noted in Naim’s response, it is still commonly believed that babies in the womb don’t feel pain. However, several studies discount that theory. READ: Unborn babies can feel pain before the 24-week abortion limit, scientists say AND The First Ache

Abortions can be very brutal procedures, that can include using a saline solution that burns and other methods that basically rip babies apart.

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