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Christianity vs Wokeism: The critical difference, forgiving others

In a recent podcast, Blaze TV host Jason Whitlock and Steve Deace discussed the new woke religion emerging in America. It is erasing the Christian foundation of the nation.

Forced Dysfunction

For those who are parents or for those who grew up in some type of family, you know that a family needs certain things to survive. Daily routines require someone to take charge and in normal families the one in charge takes into account what is necessary for the entire family. For example, if one child likes donuts for supper, it is unlikely that every supper will consist of only donuts. Surrendering the entire family to the needs of one of the children makes no sense. Yet this happens often. I know a few families with several kids but the one that shows promise in sports or academics gets the bulk of if not all the attention. The other children feel less then when compared to that child. I have also seen cases in which the dad or the mom puts their career or their needs first and the rest of the family has to adjust to their schedule or their desires.   In these cases, families don’t work well. There is division and strife, …

‘God was there’ as neighbour’s dog warns of fire

Firemen were amazed by how little damage there was to Yorktown Assembly of God church in Yorktown, NY after a call came in during the middle of the night about the fire. The fire chief added that if the fire department had been delayed another five or 10 minutes, the whole building would have probably burned to the ground. Well, the call came in enough time, because, Bear, a four-year old German Shepherd who lived in with his owner in a house beside the church started barking frantically waking up its owner Kim Lewis. When Kim looked outside a window to see what Bear was barking about, she saw the flames shooting out of the roof and immediately called 911. The fire apparently started because of an electrical short. On its Facebook page, the church stated, “We know that God was there tonight protecting our building.” Several members of the congregation were also wondering what Bear’s favourite treat was? READ: ‘God Was There’: AG Church Erupts in Flames, Dog Alerts Neighbor to Call 911

Video: Lockdowns vs protecting the vulnerable

In this video, there is a discussion about the failure of lockdowns to stop the pandemic. Those in charge have tried to explain away their failure with woeful cries, “if we had only locked down sooner.” Yet more and more studies are stating the obvious that the lockdowns did not work. If they did, this pandemic would have been over months ago. Many are now saying there should have been a targeted approach, focussing our attention on protecting those who are actually vulnerable to the virus, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. In the US, 95% of the COVID deaths involved people over the age of 50 with 80% over the age of 65 and of course, many of those had underlying health issues as well. READ: 95 Percent of Americans Killed by COVID-19 Were 50 or Older In the Canadian province of British Columbia, two-thirds of the COVID deaths were in nursing homes and how many of the remaining deaths involved those over the age of 65 and living at home. Yet, …

Those dead children in the Kamloops residential school: One Lesson

You might have heard about a mass grave discovered in a residential school, in Canada. Recently, technicians with ground penetrating radar found something near a school at the city of Kamloops, BC. An investigation will confirm what they found, but the claim is that the searchers found the bodies of 215 children. The school was for native children “Indians” and the children were taken from their families, to the school, to adapt their behavior to modern society. The children were taken from their families by government order. The school in Kamloops was run by the Roman Catholic Church, for the Government. The school opened in 1890 and closed almost ninety years later. There are many rumors, and we don’t know what really happened. The investigations will continue, probably for years. We don’t know yet what the radar scanners found in the ground. There are old rumors of abuse of young students, in the school. It is obvious that before the time of modern medicine, with antibiotics and vaccines, and modern hospitals, children could die in …