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‘God was there’ as neighbour’s dog warns of fire

Fire on roof of Yorktown Assembly of God Church: Facebook

Firemen were amazed by how little damage there was to Yorktown Assembly of God church in Yorktown, NY after a call came in during the middle of the night about the fire.

The fire chief added that if the fire department had been delayed another five or 10 minutes, the whole building would have probably burned to the ground.

Well, the call came in enough time, because, Bear, a four-year old German Shepherd who lived in with his owner in a house beside the church started barking frantically waking up its owner Kim Lewis.

When Kim looked outside a window to see what Bear was barking about, she saw the flames shooting out of the roof and immediately called 911. The fire apparently started because of an electrical short.

On its Facebook page, the church stated, “We know that God was there tonight protecting our building.”

Several members of the congregation were also wondering what Bear’s favourite treat was?

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