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Police force won’t respond to theft calls

Protests against the Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd precinct May 28, 2020 Credit: Public Domain

According to Breitbart, the police department in Asheville, North Carolina will no longer be responding to theft and trespass call.

Apparently, the protests by Black Lives Matter and others against police is working, as the department has seen a dramatic increase in resignations over the past year, and it is largely due to the “protests against law enforcement.”

The Asheville police normally average one police officer retiring a month, but over the past year, it has averaged between 6 and 7.5 resignations a month.

Currently, the police department is running at 70% capacity with “only 167 of its 238 sworn positions filled.” Its detective department was particularly hard hit with only 50% of the positions filled.

The reduction in officers has resulted in a dramatic fall in response time for 911 calls, forcing the department to focus on serious crimes for the safety of all involved.

READ: Police Force Won’t Respond to Theft Calls After 84 Officers Leave Dept.

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