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Police force won’t respond to theft calls

According to a recent report on Breitbart, the police department in Asheville, North Carolina will no longer be responding to theft and trespass call.

Why do BLM protestors burn down black businesses?

This is not the first time it happened. But people are asking why are Black Lives Matter protestors burning down black-owned businesses? It happened again in Rochester, NY. The Blaze explains: Jesse Barksdale, the black owner of a Rochester, New York, multipurpose store that leases U-Haul vehicles, was reportedly “livid” after Black Lives Matter demonstrators reportedly set fire to at least three of his trucks in the early hours of Sunday morning. Poll: What is the most important issue for you in the 2020 election? A sign hangs outside of Barksdale’s business — “Proud to be Black Owned” — but that apparently didn’t stop who are believed to be Black Lives Matter demonstrators from burning down his business. READ: No justice, no peace: BLM protesters reportedly burn black-owned business during Rochester riots — and the owner, who built his business out of poverty, is livid And this is not the first time it happened. READ: Protesters In Kenosha Torched ‘Much Of The Black Business District’ AND Black Firefighter Spent His Life Savings To Open A Bar. …

Oh, the BLM irony

When Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors show up in Springfield, Oregon, city residents realizing their elected officials were useless decided to tell these people to leave. You will notice in the video below that most of the BLM protestors are white left-wing Millennials. And some protesters were even wondering why this protest wasn’t going as well as they did in Portland. Are we too presume that many of the protesters were not from Springfield? And one tweet asked the obvious question: And now the irony. Remember that these BLM protestors are demanding that the police be defunded. So why did they call the police for help? Language warning in video. And even Blacks are starting to notice that BLM protests have been hijacked by left wing “white” extremists. Language warning in the video below: And on a related note, one writer addressed the rioting that has taken place in the smaller communities around the US, which has basically been ignored by the main stream media. Michael Tracey decided to visit some of these smaller communities …