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CA coughs up $2.1 million for illegal lockdown of churches

Two other churches have won their legal battle with the state of California that has agreed to pay over $2 million in legal fees.

The state paid $1.6 million to a Pentecostal church based in San Diego, South Bay United Pentecostal Church and $550,000 to a Catholic Priest, Father Trevor Burfitt.

The state has also agreed not to impose any greater lockdown restrictions on churches than private businesses.

The Pentecostal church had successfully challenged California’s lockdown of churches as unconstitutional and a violation of Freedom of Religion three times at the Supreme Court.

The court ruled that if California allows Costco to remain open at 50% capacity, then churches must be given the same rights. Any heavier restrictions is a violation of religious freedoms.

Of course, churches typically hold a main service once a week, while Costco stores are open seven days a week and in many instances 12+ hours a day.

READ: California to pay $2M church legal fees over COVID closures

Unfortunately, its California taxpayers who are on the hook for the decisions made by its Democrat Gov Gavin Newsom. However, Californians have tired of their governor’s pettiness and successfully recalled Newsom. It is suspected there will be a recall election for governor sometime this fall.

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