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Fighting dirty in California

Calvary Chapel based in San Jose, California is embroiled in a lawsuit with Santa Clara County over its unconstitutional lockdown of church services because of COVID. During the lockdown the County issued several fines against the church over its refusal to comply.

In a recent agreement, the state of California just paid out $1.35 million in legal fees to Harvest Rock Church that successfully fought the state over its unconstitutional lockdown of church services.

However, Santa Clara County’s legal battle with Calvary Chapel continues, and it took an odd turn when the county demanded to see the church’s financial statements to determine how much profit the church made during the lockdown.

The County also sent letters to the bank where the church has its loans and accounts, notifying the bank that church was facing fines and contempt of court charges because of the Calvary Chapel’s refusal to comply with the county’s lockdown.

Though the bank issued a ‘Notice of Default’ against the church, it withdrew the order after being notified of the church’s appeals.

WND explains:

The county already had sent “two threatening letters” to the church’s bank, which “coerced the bank to temporarily sever the relationship.”

“The first letter informed the bank that Pastor (Mike) McClure had been held in contempt of court and that he and the church were facing fines and sanctions of over $1 million. The second letter was to inform the bank that Santa Clara County Superior Court had set a contempt hearing and that the county would seek further fines and sanctions against the church. The letters made no mention of an appeals process, that the church was challenging the constitutionality of the fines, or the recent Supreme Court decisions vindicating California churches,” the legal team explained.

Calvary Chapel, that is being represented by Advocates for Faith & Freedom, is fighting both the lockdown orders, the fines and the county’s request for financial records arguing they are unconstitutional.

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