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BLM co-founder called for ‘end of Israel’

Patrisse Cullors, the self-proclaimed trained Marxist, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and multi-million dollar home-owner, can now add another to her list of left wing accomplishments. According to the Daily Mail, while speaking on a panel sponsored by Harvard University’s Human Rights Program in 2015, Cullors called for an end to Israel’s existence as a nation.

Is COVID Vaccine the Mark of the Beast?

I have been surprised by something, recently. People who never seemed religious are now talking about Bible prophecy, and quoting Bible verses. I found someone watching an Internet video about the Bible, and what it says about our future. They seemed interested in what they were learning. One name keeps getting mentioned “The Mark of the Beast.” You might have noticed that this mark is somehow connected to COVID vaccinations, for some people. So, what is that ‘Mark’? The last book of the Christian Bible is called the “Revelation” and it refers to the Apocalypse. That word means “unveiling” and the picture is of a cloth cover being pulled away to show what is hidden. The future is unveiled. In the book of Revelation, a man named John had visions while he was a prisoner on a penal colony island called Patmos. He was a persecuted Christian, as an old man, and he wrote his visions down for us, including something about that ‘Mark of the Beast.’ John started with one vision where he heard …