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Canadian Restaurant patrons yell ‘Get out’ at health inspectors

Rebecca Matthews owner of the Corduroy restaurant in Vancouver, Canada telling two health inspectors to leave. Video capture

When two health inspectors showed up at a Corduroy restaurant in Vancouver, BC, Canada last week, the owner, Rebecca Matthews, with a baby in arms, demanded that the two leave because they were trespassing.

When the health inspectors refused, they were finally driven out when patrons eating in the restaurant began angrily shouting “Get out. Get out.”

The restaurant was allegedly violating the government lockdown orders, that does not allow indoor dining.

WND reports:

In the second case from this past weekend, video shows health authorities being booted of a building courtesy of loud shouting from people objecting to their presence.

The latest confrontation took place at the Corduroy restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia, which allegedly was at odds with the current COVID-19 safety guidelines banning indoor dining in the Canadian province.

“Who do you work for?” Matthews asked the inspectors.

The health inspector didn’t agree he was trespassing, and that’s when the crowd at the restaurant began chanting in unison, “Get out! Get out!”

The authorities departed, but according to CTV, officials ordered the restaurant to fully close.

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It was a second example that week of Canadians demanding freedom. The same week, Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Calgary, Alberta, Canada drove five police officers and a health inspector out of his church calling them Nazis and communists when they showed up during the Friday morning Easter service.

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  1. Elleon Edauq says

    Everyone needs to start standing up for our rights!
    If you’re scared, stay home. Simple as that.


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