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Animal rights extremists in Colorado

A new referendum seeking to be put on the ballot in Colorado by animal rights extremists would prevent farmers from slaughtering animals until they have at least lived a quarter of their lifespan.

There are several steps that the referendum needs to go through before it can be added to the ballot, but it is a direct attack on farms by animal rights extremists and radical vegetarians.

The provision even outlines the natural lifespans of animals:

“a cow lives to 20 years, a chicken lives to 8 years, a turkey lives to 10 years, a duck lives to 6 years, a pig lives to 15 years, a sheep lives to 15 years, a rabbit lives to 6 years.”

Jaclyn Krymowski providers more details on what is going with Initiative 16:

Section 3 then goes on to incorporate this change by adding in another subsection (1.9) which reads as follows: “any person who slaughters livestock in accordance with accepted agricultural animal husbandry practices does not violate the provisions of subsection (1) of this section so long as the animal has lived one quarter of their natural lifespan based on species, breed, and type of animal and the animal is slaughtered in such a way that the animal does not needlessly suffer.” This would essentially mean that the age required for legal slaughter and harvest is greatly increased – which, in the case of cattle, would be a full five years according to the language in this proposed change.

Such a move would devastate not only farmers and ranchers, but also everyone involved with the livestock, meatpacking, feed, and protein industries through all levels. Subsequently, this would greatly increase the cost of animal protein products for consumers at the retail and food service levels.

Apparently, the initiative would also prevent farmers from doing pregnancy tests and even artificially inseminating animals. As Krymowski noted: “Initiative 16 is Written by Animal Extremists with No Animal Husbandry Background.”

READ: Colorado Producers and Animal Lovers Beware of Initiative 16 in Colorado

This story makes me wonder if Bill Gates has any investments in synthetic beef? READ: Bill Gates: U.S., other wealthy nations should ‘use regulation’ to move to ‘100% synthetic beef’

He does.

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