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Texas offers transplant to Colorado woman rejected because she was unvaccinated

It was a shock when health officials in Colorado denied Dawn McLaughlin a life-saving kidney transplant because she had not been vaccinated for COVID.

Colorado reduces COVID death count by 300

After a week of complaints, that Colorado health officials were padding COVID death numbers by including individuals who had died of other causes, on Friday, (May 15, 2020) the state’s health department removed 300 people from the list, lowering the Colorado’s COVID death count to 878 from 1,150. The problem has been going on for a while, but came to a head last week when a coroner, who listed the cause of death for a man as alcohol poisoning because his blood alcohol level of .55 was twice lethal level, went public after state officials changed the cause of death to COVID, because the deceased also had the virus. In a Sunday interview with Fox News, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) blamed the criteria set out by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) because it lists the cause of death as COVID if the person had the virus, even though they probably died of other causes. Gov. Polis added “these are deaths that should not be politicized.” The fact Colorado reduced its death count by 26% …

Fake coronavirus deaths?

A 35-year-old man was recently found dead in Colorado’s Montezuma County. After an autopsy by the local coroner, George Deavers, revealed a blood alcohol reading of .55, which was nearly double the lethal limit, Deavers attributed the man’s death to alcohol poisoning.

A state of ‘manufactured’ fear?

An intriguing video exposing the “state of fear” that has trapped many states and particularly cities in a Draconian COVID-19 lock down. The video takes a quick look at what is happening in Colorado, providing several charts and articles showing that COVID-19 is clearly on the decline. But despite this, the lock down continues both in the minds of many and among government leaders because we have fallen into a “state of fear.”