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Colorado: Environmental terrorism?

Reports are coming in that alleged environmental extremists have successfully sabotaged natural gas distribution centers in Colorado, as temperatures are about to fall to -2 Fahrenheit. According to reports, the saboteurs had a familiarity with how the gas network worked as they successfully “tampered with the flow lines.”

The Blaze explains:

Thousands of residents in Aspen, Colorado, are without heat after what authorities say was an “intentional attack” on local gas service. […]

Authorities say that the attack — “coordinated acts of vandalism” — took place Saturday night and impacted at least three area Black Hills Energy locations.

The outlet reported, “At one of the targeted sites, police said they found the words ‘Earth first’ scrawled, and investigators were looking into whether the self-described ‘radical environmental group’ Earth First! was involved.”

READ: Thousands of Colorado residents have no heat after ‘intentional attack’ on gas services

Notice how authorities referred to this as an international attack.

A few weeks back, we reported on how a couple of environmental extremists were allegedly trying to sabotage rail lines in Oregon, to apparently protest the building of oil pipelines across the border in Canada. READ: 2 Leftist Women Arrested On Charges Of Terrorist Attack on a Railroad AND from the Justice Department Pair charged with interfering with safety on railroad tracks

Not sure if this is related, but shortly after the two women were arrested, the Canadian government received reports from international sources that a group was wanting to sabotage a shipment of COVID vaccines being sent to British Columbia by cutting power to the vaccines that require cold temperatures for storage. READ: B.C.’s top doctor: Protecting vaccine from ‘concerted effort’ at sabotage involves RCMP, military

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