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Is Russia funding ‘rabid environmental groups’ in Europe?

Shelby Cullom Davis, who works at the Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, alleges that the Russian government has been funding many of the ‘radical environmental’ extremist groups in Europe. It is part of Putin’s strategy to make the EU become more dependent on Russian energy.

Environmental extremists violently attack Canadian natural gas pipeline station

As Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, orders the arrest of peaceful protestors in Ottawa, he got a graphic example of what real violence looks like. On the other side of the country, approximately 20 environmental extremists, some wielding axes, attacked people working at a natural gas pipeline station in British Columbia.

Canada: A $4,000 SUV tax in the works?

Over the years, I have written several articles about the man-made global-warming fanatics, and like I did in my most recent article, I sarcastically stated that the discovery of fossils of alligators and subtropical trees in Canada’s frozen and barren Arctic is evidence that people were driving SUVs several millennia before they were actually invented in 1935.

Are global warming policies to blame for the empty store shelves?

As people around the world experience shortages and empty store shelves, it is easy to blame the lockdowns. Though this policy failed to stop COVID, it was particularly effective in damaging the economy. But we can’t give all the credit to the lockdowns, apparently global warming extremists have to receive at least an honourable mention.

Will Ontario & Quebec be oil free tomorrow?

Grab your popcorn, it could be an interesting day in Canada tomorrow (May 12, 2021). For those unfamiliar with Canada geography and politics, the west has the third-largest oil reserves in the world. Yet despite this, Eastern Canada buys a significant portion of its oil from Saudi Arabia and the remaining half is obtained through pipelines beneath the Great Lakes that transport oil sent from Western Canada to Michigan, USA and then back to refineries in Ontario.

The War in the Woods: Whose god will win, Racism or the Environment?

In British Columbia, the western province in Canada, environmental protesters are blocking loggers who want to cut down trees. That is not surprising. The activists would probably tell us about climate change, if we could talk to them. Also, in that part of the world, “Racism” is often presented as discrimination against native people. The natives are the “people of color” in that region, and they are concerned about their place in society. They also own the trees that the loggers want to cut down. The loggers are working for them. The native community spoke up to say that they have “always harvested and managed our forestry resources” … [and] “We do not welcome or support unsolicited involvement or interference by others in our territory, including third-party activism.” In modern activist thinking, people who oppose the natives could be labelled as racists. Without choosing sides, this is a clash of titans: A common word in the news these days is “racism.” Anti-racist protesters can be violent in the streets, and careers can be ruined by …

Meet a hypocritical Canadian Green activist?

He hates big oil. He has chained himself to gas pumps to stop people from buying gas for their cars. He climbed the CN Tower in Toronto to call for an end to climate change. Today, he is cabinet minister in the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Writing for the Toronto Sun, Brian Lilley explains: The first time I remember meeting Steven Guilbeault was about 20 years ago when the Greenpeace activist joined colleagues in trying to shut down an Esso station in downtown Montreal by chaining themselves to the pumps. Guilbeault was against the oil industry, he was against regular people driving to and from work, and he wanted to shut it down. Now, Guilbeault is a minister in the Trudeau government who drives more in just a few months than the average Canadian drives in a year. […] I have no issue with Guilbeault having a car and driver, it’s standard for ministers in Ottawa. The problem here is his utter hypocrisy, spending a career as an activist chiding average Canadians for …