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Canada: A $4,000 SUV tax in the works?

Over the years, I have written several articles about the man-made global-warming fanatics, and like I did in my most recent article, I sarcastically stated that the discovery of fossils of alligators and subtropical trees in Canada’s frozen and barren Arctic is evidence that people were driving SUVs several millennia before they were actually invented in 1935.

Because according to the fanatics, only humans and their SUVs can cause global warming.

Of course, I was being sarcastic about the SUVs, or at least I thought I was, until I read this article from Blacklock’s Reporter that states an environmental group is pressing the Canadian government to impose an additional $4,000 tax on SUVs:

Groups Seek $4,000 SUV Tax

A Green Budget Coalition whose directors once included Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault yesterday petitioned cabinet for a $4,000 SUV tax. The levy should apply to all makes and models of passenger vehicles with internal combustion engines, the Coalition said: “Minister Guilbeault himself was directly involved with the Green Budget Coalition at one point.”

READ (behind a paywall): Groups Seek $4,000 SUV Tax

As Blacklock’s noted, Canada’s Environment Minister, Steven Guilbeault, previously headed the environment extremist group proposing the SUV tax. So I expect this tax will have wheels.

For the record, Steven Guilbeault is a radical left-wing extremist, who was previously arrested in 2001 after he and friend climbed 340 meters up Toronto’s CN Tower and unleashed a banner that read: “Canada and Bush Climate Killers.” READ: ‘RADICAL LEFTIST’: Steven Guilbeault previously faced ARREST for extremist activity

So you can imagine how balanced his approach will be to the environment.

Prior to being Environment Minister, Guilbeault headed another federal ministry, Canadian Heritage. His brief tenure revealed his radical left views as he tried to pass a bill to censor Canada’s internet. This involved setting up an agency that would have the ability to censor what is considered ‘legal’ speech in Canada, if others considered it offensive.

The National Post writes:

Critics have already sounded the alarm about a number of measures in the bill they say could violate Canadians’ constitutional rights — including giving that new regulator the authority to send inspectors into workplaces and homes, and allowing non-public hearings.

In a recent Heritage Canada consultation, experts told the government the proposed requirements for social media platforms to proactively monitor and take down social media posts amount to censorship, and urged the Liberals to set the “fundamentally flawed” bill aside. Anything less “will jeopardize Canada’s claim to being a leader in advancing free expression, a free and open internet, and the human rights upon which our democratic society has been built,” the University of Ottawa’s internet policy and public interest clinic told the government.

READ: The first 100 days: Major battle over free speech, internet regulation looms when Parliament returns

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