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Global warming: Two icebreakers needed to break free ships trapped in Arctic ice

With the big man-made global warming summit held in Glasgow, Scotland just ending this past week, it was still a bit embarrassing to discover that Russia has sent two icebreakers to rescue 20 ships that are caught up in ice, (yes, ice), in the East Siberia Sea.

They have also sent along a rescue vessel, the Spasatel Zaborshchikov, just in case they can’t break the ships free.

In its article, published on Nov 10, 2021, Arctic Today describes what is happening:

The commissioning of the powerful icebreaking vessels comes as severe sea ice conditions have taken shippers by surprise. There are now about 20 vessels that either are stuck or struggling to make it across the icy waters. Among them is the UHL Vision that over the last days has been isolated in the waters north of the New Siberian Islands, and the bulk carriers Golden Suek, Golden Pearl, Nordic Quinngua and Nordic Nuluujaak that are located east of that same archipelago.

READ: Two icebreakers are on the way to rescue ice-locked ships on Northern Sea Route

This undoubtedly comes as an absolute shock for most global warming fanatics, who believe there are Palm Trees now growing in the Arctic because of man-made global warming.

You probably think I am being a bit sarcastic here when I mention palm trees, but really I am not.

Palm Trees in the Arctic?

Because the fossil record shows that Canada’s arctic, which is now a frigid, barren, treeless tundra, was once covered with lush forests, and ferns and even had alligators roaming in its rivers.

There were also beavers, the size of bears, and they were chewing on trees found in eastern Asia, such as Chinese swamp cypress and ginkgo. Yes, trees that we don’t even find growing in Canada today.

That means at one time, the earth was once much warmer and since the climate change fanatics insist that global warming can only be caused by man, this is concrete evidence that SUVs were produced thousands of years before Chevrolet created, what some argue was the world’s first SUV, the Suburban, in 1935. READ: Canadian Arctic once home to vibrant forests, ancient fossils show

All this to say, that there are natural causes of global warming and global cooling that are out of man’s control.

Personally, I believe the ancient climate of Canada’s Arctic reveals how God intended the earth to function at creation.

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