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Biden to shut down another oil pipeline? Americans brace for higher gas prices

Fox News reports that US President Joe Biden is determined to shut down another oil pipeline in Michigan. Critics warn that the closure of Line 5 will not only result in higher prices at the pump, but could also impact natural gas distribution, leading to a significant increase in heating bills this winter.

Line 5 transports about 540,000 barrels of oil from Western Canada each day.

In 2020, the United States was oil independent, but that all changed, after President Joe Biden began cancelling oil pipelines and restricting oil production, forcing the US to purchase oil internationally.

With gas prices skyrocketing, Biden has now resorted to begging international oil producers, such as Saudi Arabia, to increase production.

In an interview with Fox News, Jason Hayes, a director with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, said:

They’re planning to power an industrial nation like the United States on solar panels and wind turbines,” Hayes said, while noting that even the solar panels and wind turbines require “oil, natural gas, nuclear and even coal” to be produced.

READ: Biden admin considering shutting down Michigan pipeline, drawing criticism and dire warnings as winter nears

Meanwhile, in Canada, a group of unelected Aboriginal leaders are trying to blockade the construction of natural gas pipelines in BC.

It should be noted that duly elected band councils are in favour of these pipelines because they provide both income and jobs for their bands.

Kay explains:

It cannot be overemphasized that the protest performers, tricked out in their Antifa-style garb and masks, while exploiting the good name of all Wet’suwet’en for optimal media exposure, do not represent their larger community.

And just in case you think these environmental extremists are actually concerned about the environment, Kay adds:

CGL’s pipeline is, in youth’s crude parlance, a big freaking $6.6-billion project. More than half complete, by 2023, the pipe will run 670 kilometres from northeast B.C. to Kitimat on the West Coast, where LNG Canada is building an $18-billion terminal. Export of the low-emission liquefied natural gas to Asia, which is being used to replace high-emission coal-fired generators, should begin in early 2025.

READ: Barbara Kay: In B.C., a small band of unelected Indigenous leaders continue to illegally block gas pipeline

As Breitbart explains, the environmental movement has been taken over by left wing radicals, whose ultimate goal is to destroy capitalism, not save the environment. READ: Exclusive Video: ‘System Change, Not Climate Change’ Green Activists Call for ‘Socialist Revolution’ at COP26

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  1. J. Armstrong says

    No mention of how line 5 is almost 20 years past it’s 50 year design lifespan. Also, none of the oil that flows through line 5 is destined for the United States. I assume you intentionally left out details of the near catastrophe from the anchor strike. I believe pipelines are the safest way to transport any number of dangerous materials, but it’s disingenuous to suggest shuttering a Canadian company’s Canada bound pipeline is going to have some outsized effect on prices in the US. Even if it does, routing an oil pipeline through the straits was foolhardy when it was done, that mistake will have to be paid for.


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