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China’s social credit system determines when you can board a subway

Hong Kong protestor egging poster of China’s current communist tyrant, Xi Jinping Credit: Studio Incendo/Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

The despotic Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has introduced a social credit system that punishes anyone who veers off the Communist regimes’ chosen course. If your score gets to low you start losing privileges in society, such as booking flights or having your kids go to university.

If you are a member of the Communist party you get points. Go to church you lose points. Criticize CCP’s handling of COVID on social media, lose points. Buy the wrong kind of video game online, lose points.

If one of the millions of cameras in China catch you jaywalking, even if you weren’t ticketed, lose points. The CCP uses facial recognition software to automatically identify anyone who breaks the rules.

The CCP’s latest innovation incorporates using a person’s social credit score to determine when they can board a subway.

The Daily Mail explains:

Beijing will use China‘s social credit system to allow ‘good’ passengers on to its subway trains ahead of those deemed ‘bad’.

The system will give those with high scores access to a ‘fast pass’ that will allow them to skip mandatory security checks and board trains faster, officials said.

Beijing said it was developing a ‘code of conduct’ that passengers must adhere to in order to qualify for the fast pass, with ‘uncivilised behaviour’ such as eating on trains and carrying prohibited items punished.

Passengers who qualify for the pass will be able to download it on a smartphone app, and will be recognised using face-scanning technology at station entrances.

READ: Chinese subway passengers with good ‘social credit scores’ will be let on first ahead of those deemed ‘bad’ for offences such as eating on a train

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