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Netflix’s ‘Paradise P.D.’ portrays Christ as mass murderer

Recently, Netflix’s show Paradise P.D. may have inadvertently exposed the cowardly nature of its producers. In the animated series they bravely slammed Christianity and Jesus, as they portrayed Christ being involved in a mass murder and having a threesome.

More Dead Sea Scroll fragments of the Bible discovered

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) is reporting that archaeologists have found nearly two dozen fragments from the Book of Zechariah and Nahum in a cave known as the “Cave of Horrors” that was originally discovered in the 1950s in connection with the Dead Sea Scrolls. In 2017, the IAA decided to re-visit these caves over concerns that looters were working the caves. To access the Cave of Horrors, archaeologists had to repel down a 260-foot cliff. The cave got its name from the skeletons of 40 men, women and children that had taken refuge in the cave hiding from Roman soldiers during the second century Jewish revolt that took place between 132 AD and 136 AD. Archaeologists also found the remains of a Roman camp near the cave leading some to speculate that they knew the Jews were in the cave and simply decided to starve them out. And though the cave had not been studied for nearly 60 years, this second effort proved worthwhile. In addition, to discovering fragments of the Bible, they also …

Child Pornography

Child pornography is worse than you think. Child pornography is on many dark websites. It is also on more easily accessible sites.  Ready for some surprising numbers? The numbers I use here come from Children’s Advocacy Centre website ( but I have seen similar numbers elsewhere. The article written by Tammi Pitzen, “The Shocking Facts About Child Pornography” mentions that there is no way of knowing the actual numbers since this is a hidden and secret evil abuse of our children. Here are some from the article: 3,000 is the approximate number of English language websites that distribute child pornography; 1 in 7 youths report being solicited for online sex; 11 is the average of exposure to adult material; 34% of teenage girls and 15% of teenage boys have shared photos or physical descriptions of themselves online; and 58% of the 1,536 pornography sites (2008) reported by the Internet Watch Foundation were housed in the United States. A young girl or boy chatting online can be easily manipulated by a predator. The child shares some …