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Netflix’s ‘Paradise P.D.’ portrays Christ as mass murderer

Paradise P.D. image capture

Recently, Netflix’s show Paradise P.D. may have inadvertently exposed the cowardly nature of its producers. In the animated series they bravely slammed Christianity and Jesus, as they portrayed Christ being involved in a mass murder and having a threesome.

The Blaze explains:

Netflix is taking heat after a graphic and disturbing episode of “Paradise P.D.” aired featuring a cartoon character Jesus shilling for the NRA and engaging in a threesome.

As highlighted by Newsbusters, season three episode “Trigger Warning” features a “gun-wielding Jesus” and “turns into a porno.”

READ: Netflix’s ‘Paradise PD’ under fire after airing graphic, anti-NRA episode of Jesus carrying out mass killing, having a threesome with 2 women

Of course, if you are going to slander Jesus, who taught that people were supposed to love, forgive and pray for their enemies (Luke 6:28), I wonder if we should soon be expecting Paradise P.D. to do a similar story line on Muhammad and perhaps even Buddha.

But, I suspect the brave producers of Paradise P.D. are too cowardly to do that. RELATED: Claim: Paris Beheading Victim is Teacher Who Showed Mohammed Cartoon in Freedom of Speech Lesson

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