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Dr. Jordan Peterson tears up discussing Jesus

Dr. Jordan Peterson addressing a free speech rally at the University of Toronto
Credit: Quist/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a famed Toronto-based psychologists, took the world by storm several years back when he stood up for free speech in Canada. Over the years, he has become the favourite target of the woke left as he spoke of personal responsibility instead of a life of victimhood.

He also developed a YouTube video series going through the Bible and because of this, Jordan has been questioned several times about his faith.

Though stating he is deeply religious, Dr. Peterson has not allowed anyone to box him in on what he actually believed.

But recently in an interview with Jonathan Pageau, an Orthodox Christian Artist, Jordan teared up as he opened up about his faith.

Charisma News explains:

During his conversation with Orthodox Christian artist Jonathan Pageau, Peterson revealed a profound openness to Jesus with a vulnerability unlike his past comments about faith and Christianity, which he references frequently in his writing.

“The difference — and C.S. Lewis pointed this out as well — between those mythological gods and Christ was that there’s a historical representation of his existence as well,” Peterson said. “[S]o what you have in the figure of Christ is an actual person who actually lived plus a myth, and, in some sense, Christ is the union of those two things.”

“The problem is I probably believe that but I’m amazed at my own belief, and I don’t understand it,” he continued, beginning to cry. “Because I’ve seen, sometimes, the objective world and the narrative world touch — you know, that’s union synchronicity. And I’ve seen that many times in my own life and so, in some sense, I believe it’s undeniable.”

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