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Replacing God with communism

Popular Canadian psychologist and commentator, Jordan Peterson, had a few words to say on what happens to a country when you remove God and replace Him with communism:

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¿Qué significa cuando Jesús dijo que los mansos heredarán la tierra?

English: What does it mean the meek will inherit the earth? ¿Qué quiso decir Jesús cuando dijo que los mansos heredarán la tierra ( Mateo 5: 5 )? Dependiendo de como se utiliza el diccionario, la palabra Inglés mansa deja diferentes impresiones – suaves, sumisas, obedientes, sin espinas, humilde y tal vez incluso un poco cobardes. Pero es esto lo que Jesús quiso decir? No estoy seguro si la palabra mansa es la traducción correcta en Inglés de la palabra griega “praus” que se utiliza en este verso en la traducción King James.. El Diccionario HELPS describe la palabra “praus” de esta manera: 4236 praotes – correctamente, templados , que muestran la mezcla correcta de la fuerza y de reserva (dulzura) . 4236 / praotes ( “fuerza en dulzura”) evita dureza innecesaria, pero sin comprometer o ser demasiado lento para usar la fuerza necesaria . La palabra “ manso “ representa una persona con poder, que sabe cuándo usarlo y cuándo no. También describe una persona que “evita la dureza innecesaria.” Pero “praus” no describe a …

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What does it mean the meek will inherit the earth?

Espñol: ¿Qué significa cuando Jesús dijo que los mansos heredarán la tierra? What did Jesus mean when He said the meek will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5)? Depending on what dictionary you use, the English word meek leaves different impressions — gentle, submissive, compliant, spineless, humble and maybe even a bit cowardly. But is this what Jesus meant? I am not sure meek is the right English translation for the Greek word “praus” used in this verse which is how the King James translated it. HELPS word studies describes “praus” this way: 4236 praótēs– properly, temperate, displaying the right blend of force and reserve (gentleness). 4236 /praótēs (“strength in gentleness”) avoids unnecessary harshness, yet without compromising or being too slow to use necessary force. The word depicts a person with power, but one who knows when to use it and when not to. It also describes a person who “avoids unnecessary harshness.” But “praus” does not portray a person who is weak or cowardly. Though the word can be translated “gentle” it is not in …

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Strong reaction to Wilfrid Laurier’s ATTACK on free speech

Some suggest that Canadians recently got an inside look at the cultural Marxism that is dominating many universities across Canada and the US where students and those in authority are trying to stop any views that dissent with the prevailing left-wing agenda. Lindsay Shepherd is a 22-year-old graduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She also teaches a class at the university but was called before a tribunal because she shared a dissenting opinion in her class. Fortunately, Lindsay had the presence of mind to tape this interview so Canadians could have a first-hand look on what is becoming common place on university campuses that seem less concerned with teaching students how to think and more interested in telling them what to think. In her class, Shepherd was talking about the use of non-gendered pronouns that is becoming a controversial topic on university campuses. The discussion is often centered around people who are transitioning from one sex to another. As an example, some are insisting they should no longer be referred to as …