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Jordan Peterson: ‘A wing and a prayer’

Famed University of Toronto professor, Jordan Peterson, released an almost prayerful video asking for people, including himself, to rise above the bitterness and divisiveness that has engulfed our society.

Faithwire provided some excerpts from Peterson’s prayer that was posted Nov 2, 2021 and has already been viewed over 600,000 times:

God lift me from the intolerable burden of my ignorance, arrogance, willful blindness, bitterness and resentment. As I pray that others rise above the same faults and temptations.”

Then, quoting from Jesus’ sermon on the mount, Peterson says:

Are you concerning yourself with the dust in your enemy’s eyes, instead of attending to the filth that obscures your own sight? Do we want accusation, suspicion, discord, derision and hatred? Or the peace and prosperity and happiness that beckons to us at this moment like never before?

In the end, he asks the question:

Who’s the enemy here? […]

The enemy is that which divides to sew discord, the enemy is the pride and fear that stops us from lending a hand across the divide.

The enemy is the great and eternal adversary of mankind.

At the end of his video, Jordan closed with the Lord’s prayer.

I have no idea where Jordan is at in his personal relationship with Christ, but I appreciated a comment that Kyle Jacobs made about the video:

It’s been such a pleasure watching Dr. Petersen along his spiritual journey. He reminds me of a modern- day C.S. Lewis, whose profound intellect gave him opportunity to be powerfully used of God. Glad to have known you if even only through video

And it seems that Jordan’s daughter, Mikhaila, may also be on a journey of faith. Faithwire notes that in an October 2021 podcast, she addressed what has been happening in her life:

I’m pretty new to this. What I’ve been doing for the last like month or so is reading the Bible and praying. “And it’s been, like, the amount of peace I’ve had I haven’t had before. It’s completely absurd. I can’t believe it.”

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