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Giving incompetent bureaucrats unlimited power

The incompetence of the European Union, that is basically run by a handful of bureaucrats, was on full display this past week as Italy seized a shipment of vaccines previously ordered by Australia.

As other countries were quickly putting in their vaccine orders to European manufacturers, paper-shuffling EU bureaucrats did not get around to ordering vaccines for nearly three months.

And because of this, EU countries have some of the lowest vaccination rates in the western world.

But despite their incompetence, EU bureaucrats still have power and decided that vaccine manufacturers must fulfill the EU’s demands before filling previously ordered vaccine doses to other countries.

As a result, Italy ordered the seizure of vaccines produced in Italy, with the EU’s blessing of course, and France is stating it may have to do the same.

Breitbart explains:

BRUSSELS (AP) – Europe’s vaccine solidarity got a shot in the arm Friday as France rallied to support Italy, saying it could follow suit in blocking exports of coronavirus vaccines outside the European Union if necessary to enforce its own contracts with drugs manufacturers.

The European Union defended the Italian authorities’ decision to stop a large shipment of doses destined for Australia as part of a longstanding feud with drug manufacturer AstraZeneca.[…]

Faced with a shortage of doses during the early stages of the vaccine campaign that started in late December, the EU announced the export control system for COVID-19 vaccines in late January, in a bid to force companies to respect their contractual obligations to the bloc first.

READ: France May Block Vax Exports After EU Backs Italian Seizure of Australia-Bound Doses

It’s a dangerous thing giving incompetent people unlimited power.

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