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The Great Reset: In praise of quieter cities

Klaus Schwab founder of the World Economic Forum
Credit: World Economic Forum/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

As people’s lives are being destroyed because of collapsing economies due to the lockdowns, the World Economic Forum (WEF) run by elitist corporate executives and politicians recently gloated about people’s poverty by praising how quiet the world’s cities have become because people are no longer going to work.

The WEF is pushing the idea of using the COVID pandemic for a GREAT REST of the world economy by using it to introduce a new green totalitarian-controlled society.

Breitbart explains:

The World Economic Forum (WEF) faced a barrage of criticism before deleting a social media video which praised coronavirus lockdowns for “quietly improving cities around the world”.

In the video, the WEF said that as a result of people using less public transport and factories closing down during the lockdown, noise and air pollution fell in cities throughout the world. The video also celebrated the ability of scientists to discover earthquakes due to the low level of seismic noise on the planet as populations were locked in their homes.

The WEF, which the primary body pushing Klaus Schwab’s idea of a so-called ‘Great Reset’ of the global economic order, was widely ridiculed for the post. One of these speaking out was former Brexit Party MEP, now Editorial Director of Unlocked, Martin Daubney, who was among the first to flag the video before it was taken down. Daubney later reposted the video, further exposing the WEF to criticism.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Mr Daubney said: “I’m glad they tweeted this — because it has exposed them for the out-of-touch crackpots that they are. The WEF sees humanity as a blight, something to be controlled and imprisoned, in order to meet arbitrary climate change targets.

READ: Great Reset: World Economic Forum Hails ‘Quieter’ Cities as Businesses Collapse During Lockdown

The tweet revealed how out of touch the people associated with the World Economic Forum are with the people living in the real world.

After the massive outrage over WEF’s tweet, it was quickly deleted. Fortunately, someone grabbed the video before it was taken down.

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