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Are Chinese computer chips spying on you?

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, China has allegedly been using computer chips manufactured in the Communist regime to spy on US companies and American citizens. But what is equally disturbing is that the US intelligence service knew about this, but said nothing.

Breitbart provides the details:

A Friday report from Bloomberg News revealed China was able to spy on American computer systems for a decade by supplying compromised chips to Super Micro Computer Inc. (Supermicro), one of America’s leading motherboard providers.

According to the report, U.S. intelligence agencies were aware of this wide-reaching Chinese espionage program but did not warn either Supermicro or its customers, because they prioritized monitoring China’s surveillance techniques and developing countermeasures against them.

The lengthy Bloomberg report documented the known history of the Chinese espionage scheme, which took advantage of Supermicro’s reliance upon global supply chains to obtain chips for its motherboards at low prices.

In an interview with Bloomberg, FBI official Jay Tabb noted that since the manufacturing of computer chips in China is not supervised by those purchasing them, the chips can easily be tampered with.

Tabb added:

“The Chinese government has been doing this for a long time, and companies need to be aware that China is doing this, and Silicon Valley in particular needs to quit pretending that this isn’t happening.”

READ: Report: China Used Computer Chips to Spy on American P.C. Systems

The report stated that the companies purchasing the computer chips for the production of their motherboards are not involved in the spying.

The Bloomberg article provides more disturbing information on the extent of this spying. READ: The Long Hack: How China Exploited a U.S. Tech Supplier

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