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Why are some comparing how care homes operate with pig farms?

The fact that I am writing a post discussing how pig farms operate compared to care homes, may explain what we are seeing during the pandemic.

While many governments have decided to lockdown everybody including the healthy, the data reveals that the people who need protecting are the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

And, according to recent data from Canada, over 70% of COVID deaths in Canada involved people living in some type of care home. This is where most of the COVID battle is being raged, and where we are losing the fight.

And here is her Excel sheet revealing deaths by care homes in Canada.

And the following tweets reveal, why some are suggesting that pig farms in Canada and the US have better bio-health security than nursing homes.

It starts when workers enter the barn. Now I am sure it varies from farm to farm, but some of this bio-security includes:

  • Entering a high temperature room, that helps kill bacteria.
  • Removing their street clothes including shoes.
  • Putting on special clothing to be worn only in the barn.
  • Then being sprayed with disinfectant, as they enter the main barn area.
  • And they go through the exact same procedure as they are leaving, and
  • All special clothes are washed before being reused.

Meanwhile, governments continue to blame society for not following lockdown rules as the reason for the deaths.

And, in New York, Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo was sending people with COVID to the care homes. READ: More than 6,300 COVID-19 patients were sent into New York nursing homes, state report reveals

He won an award for that. READ: Andrew Cuomo Wins Ted Kennedy Award For Handling Of Coronavirus Pandemic After Policies Killed Thousands In Nursing Homes

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