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63 | Trump prophecies: What happened when Jeremiah Johnson retracted his Trump prophecy?

In this podcast, I discuss the dozens of prophecies that came out in 2020 and earlier that Donald Trump would be reelected as President of the United States in Nov., 2020 and particularly what happened when Jeremiah Johnson retracted his prophecy, predicting Trump’s reelection.

Justin Bieber shares a photo of walking in handcuffs as a testimony of how far God has brought him

In a recent post to his over 160 million followers on Instagram, international pop star, Justin Bieber, shared a photo of an incident that took place seven years ago as the police led the pop star away in handcuffs. He had just been arrested in Florida on Jan 23, 2014, for driving under the influence and with an invalid license. In his post, Bieber simply shared how far God has brought him since those early days when he was constantly having run-ins with the law. Bieber wrote: “7 years ago today I got was arrested, not my finest hour. “Not proud of where I was at in my life. I was hurting, unhappy, confused, angry, mislead, misunderstood and angry at God. “I also wore too much leather for someone in Miami. “All this to say God has brought me a long way. From then til now I do realize something.. God was as close to me then as he is right now. “My encouragement to you is to ‘let your past be a reminder of …