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Calgary to defund police?

Caught up in the flavour of the day, Calgary’s city council, a Canadian city, is apparently on the verge of defunding its police. Of course, they are playing games with the wording, but it amounts to the same thing. One city councillor who disagrees with the move says they are doing it to “appease extremists.”

Writing for the Calgary Sun, Rick Bell explains:

Under the cloak of darkness as the U.S. election results roll in, Calgary city council sets the stage for taking $20 million from the cops and giving it to social agencies.

If they make the cash grab at city budget time later this month for a “community safety investment framework” designed to address, among other things, “any gaps in racially and culturally appropriate services,” it will be a $20-million defunding of the city police.

READ: Bell: Nenshi-led city council takes first step in cop defunding

Of course, we have this, READNew York City will take $1 billion from police budget, but many say it doesn’t go far enough and then this READSurveillance camera captures wild machete fight inside a Bronx bodega as terrified NYC store owners beg Bill de Blasio to REFUND the police, saying ‘gangs have taken over’.

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