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Man rips cross off London church on Sunday afternoon

Credit: Ig1Ig3/Twitter

In a brazen act, this past Sunday afternoon, Oct. 18, 2020, a man ripped a cross off a Baptist church in East London. Several shocked bystanders videoed the incident.

Breitbart reports:

viral video on social media appears to a show a man standing on top of a church and ripping down its cross in broad daylight.

The video shows a young male methodically yanking down the cross on top of the Chadwell Heath Baptist Church, which describes itself as “an informal multinational congregation of around 70 people [who] seek to worship God and pray together, to share the good news of Jesus Christ, to encourage people to be His disciples and serve the local community and wider church family.”

The man makes no attempt to even partially hide his identity — which would not be difficult, with the sight of people wearing masks even outdoors not uncommon in London amid the ongoing Wuhan virus pandemic — and appears heedless of the fact that there are multiple people at the scene or passing by at the time of the act.

READ: WATCH: Man Rips Down Cross on London Church in Broad Daylight

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