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Afghanistan: How God moved in a mysterious way

Soviet troops in Afghanistan, 1987
Credit: E.Kuvakin/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

So often, we have no idea how God is moving in different parts of the world? We are focussed on the natural and caught up in our preconceived ideas, that we miss the amazing things that God is doing. This incredible story of what God was doing in Afghanistan during the 1980s is just such an example.

In his article on Assist News Service, Jerry Wiles stated that he had previously been stationed at an air force base in the Afghanistan during the late 1960s, but in the 1980s he was involved in mission work in the country that included Bible distribution and Gospel literature.

The 1980s was also the time when the Soviet Union, now called Russia, a Marxist regime, had sent troops into Afghanistan.

During those challenging days, Wiles made an incredible discovery of how God was reaching the Afghans through a very unexpected source:

Over the course of those efforts we made some encouraging and amazing discoveries.  The USSR was assigning known Christian troops to duty in Afghanistan, which was the most undesirable place of service in their military complex at the time.

It was a pleasant surprise to be told that there were 22 Bible studies that had been identified taking place among the Afghan people in Muslim villages.  They were being led by Soviet troops.  This was obviously a very turbulent time for the people in that region.  When you think of a mission strategy being carried out in a Muslim country, during a Marxist revolution, funded by an atheist communist government, it is quite remarkable.  Only God could have arranged such an amazing Kingdom expansion effort.

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