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Canada: BLM ‘demands’ funding cuts to police

Sudbury, Ontario Credit: P199/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization has been demanding cuts to police funding throughout the US with some success. Now it appears that BLM has brought the defund police movement to Canada.

First thing you should notice is that these weren’t requests, they were demands.

In a recent presentation to the Greater Sudbury city council in Ontario, BLM made three demands. The first focussed on more spending and the second on more inclusion.

But it is the third ‘demand’ that caught my attention:

Demand Three: Black Lives Matter Sudbury demands that the City of Greater Sudbury and Council to immediately defund and redirect 10 per cent of the $62-million Sudbury taxpayer dollars utilized for the Greater Sudbury Police Service (GSPS) budget.

READ: Black Lives Matter Sudbury unveils list of ‘demands’ for city council

Now, it is important to realize that in the US, BLM does not even represent the majority of Blacks. It is not even close. The organization is completely out of touch with the people it claims to represent. The vast majority of Blacks in the US want police funding to stay the same or even increased. READ: 81% of Black Americans Want To Maintain or Increase Police Presence in Their Neighborhood

Though this survey is from the US, I suspect the same holds true in Canada.

And if you want an example how police cuts will affect Sudbury, let’s turn to Seattle where the city council just passed a motion to cut the police funding that could potentially eliminate 100 officers. READ: Seattle City Council overrides mayor’s veto to defund the police; up to 100 officers to be cut

The following Tweets of recent events in Seattle, do not represent what is happening because of these cuts because they were just implemented. However, it gives you an example what happens when you have no police around, because they are tied up handling other issues such as protests and riots. According to reports several people were hit.

One person tweeted the obvious response:

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