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Chicago tries to stop church service as lawlessness reigns

When worship leader Sean Feucht showed up in Chicago on Sept. 16, 2020 to hold another of his outdoor, “Let Us Worship” events, the city’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot welcomed them with police, in an effort to stop these believers from gathering.

However, that didn’t stop them as they just turned the worship service into a protest worship march.

CBN explains:

Worship leader Sean Feucht and evangelist Dr. Charles Karuku arrived in Chicago on September 16 at the latest stop of this summer’s “Let Us Worship” tour that has seen tens of thousands of people celebrating Jesus in outdoor worship events around the country.

In a video posted on Twitter, the Christian leaders explained that police officers blocked the group from gathering, so the event was set up in the roadway.

Christ-followers united in a large gathering where many people were baptized and others received the gift of salvation.

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It is not that Lightfoot has other things she could do with these police. So far this weekend 30 people have been shot. READ: Chicago shootings: 30 shot, 2 fatally in Chicago weekend violence

Some suggest the Democrat mayor has lost control of the city. READ: Chicago Mail Carriers Threaten To Stop Delivering Mail If City Fails To Control Violence

If Lightfoot thinks the police’s top priority is to stop a church service, it certainly would explain the following headlines:

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READ: Chicago Gun Violence: 2 Dead, at Least 21 Hurt in Shootings This Weekend

READ: Chicago homicides and shootings rise sharply in 2020

READ: 85 shot, 24 fatally, over Chicago’s most violent weekend of 2020

More on Sean Feucht’s Chicago protest:

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