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Peaceful rioter with a flame thrower arrested in Green Bay

Peaceful riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Credit: Hungryogrephotos/Wikipedia/Public Domain

According to reports, Green Bay police have arrested one of the alleged leaders of Antifa who was brandishing a flame thrower at a peaceful riot in that city.

So what happened when the police arrested this brave commander of Antifa, a left-wing extremist group, who allegedly goes by the moniker “Commander Red?”

The Daily Wire explains:

A so-called Antifa “commander,” who reportedly was armed, dropped to the ground and began crying in the fetal position when law enforcement officers stopped him at a riot and placed him under arrest.

Matthew Banta, 23, was arrested at a riot late last week after he allegedly ignored police commands, and has been charged with “two counts of felony bail jumping and one count of obstructing an officer,” The Green Bay Press Gazette reported. “The charges stem from a report about 9 p.m. Saturday that ‘a whole bunch of white people with sticks, baseball bats, and helmets’ were headed ‘towards the police,’ who were trying to break up what they had deemed an ‘unlawful assembly’ in downtown Green Bay following a protest Saturday afternoon.”

Did you also notice how the group was referred to as “a whole bunch of white people”?

Here is part of the report on what police allegedly found after arresting this alleged peaceful rioter:

As Matthew was under arrest for Resisting arrest, I began searching him incident to arrest. While searching him, I located two “military grade 5 minute” smoke grenades. I also located in his bags on his person two firework rockets that had “Apache” printed on them. Also located in the same bag a bundle of bottle rockets banded together with plastic wrap, a flamethrower with a propane tank was found inside. Medical bags containing miscellaneous medical equipment and antifa stickers, belt with pouches containing rocks. Also taken from Matthew as evidence was his […] Antifa flag, empty green bag, metal helmet, and metal scraper. Matthew stated that he was going to the protest, but denied that he was trying to incite a riot. Matthew also denied knowing that the protest was declared an unlawful assembly.

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